What are the advantages of Steel Framed Houses

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No matter what type of house, whether it is a traditional house or a prefab house, it is most important to prioritize its longevity. Nowadays people seem to consider more and more the option of living in a prefab home over traditional homes, both having advantages and disadvantages but among them, steel frame buildings top the list due to their many advantages.

For prefab homes, there are varieties of options available such as wooden houses, container homes, etc. However, there is a reason why we prefer to use steel for our homes. Pre-engineered steel buildings have proved the best durability along with other advantages.

Benefits of Steel Frame Buildings
There will always be cons and pros for anything in this world. However, now that we are talking about prefab homes made up of steel frames, let’s mention the pros of steel frame buildings. Read the points mentioned below:

  • Durability:
    The durability of steel frame buildings is way more than the wooden ones. Unlike any other material, steel does not wrap, as a result, makes it stronger to face or tolerate any kind of environmental damage.
  • Safety:
    A house is always prone to any kind of thunder and lightning irrespective of the earthling. In the case of steel buildings, the steel that is deep-rooted under the ground discharges the current into the soil. Hence, keeping the house safe. Also, the steel structure provides a more resistant structure compared to other materials.
  • Bug & termite resistance:
    Bugs and termites eat up the house from within making it hollow. You generally don’t notice the harm caused by bugs & termites. Wooden homes are mostly affected by this, whereas steel frame buildings are always free of any such damages.
  • Fire-resistant:
    Wooden homes have a higher risk of fire; a steel frame home is less affected by any kind of bush fire or forest fire. In case the houses come across any such mishap, the chances of fixing or rebuilding it are much higher in the case of steel-framed houses as compared to others.
  • Cost-effective:
    Out of all the materials used to build a house, steel might seem costlier as compared to wooden prefab houses but if you see it in the longer run, it would save you money to a large extent.
  • Eco-friendly:
    Steel framed houses save a lot of trees when it comes to the construction of prefab wooden houses. Approximately 50 trees are required to build a prefab home, whereas one can build a steel-framed house at a cheaper rate.
  • Recyclable:
    The steel used for the construction of our prefab homes can be reused later for other homes in case there is a modification that is desired. The steel used for the construction of prefabricated houses is mostly recycled, hence the steel used for houses can be reused in the future for other projects.
  • Ease relocation:
    When it comes to pre-engineered steel houses, if you want to relocate sometime in the future you can easily disassemble them and transport them to wherever you wish without any problems. Whereas other materials might become hard to relocate.
  • Energy-efficient:
    Steel frame houses are energy-efficient, these prefabricated houses help in thermal regulation which makes the house cooler in summer and keeps warm in winter. Hence, curbs your electricity usage.

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